Melissa Andrew-Myers

AKA Skin Solutions by Melissa

Esthetician/Salon Owner

For the past seven years Melissa has been perfecting the art of an Esthetician. Growing up a Shasta County local, Melissa started the Esthetician program at Chico Beauty College, and quickly her passion grew. This is not just a "Job" for her, but is something she loves doing.

In 2005, Melissa started offering her services in a local Dermatologist office. Working in the medical field helped expand her knowledge of skin, product, and technique. This is where Melissa learned Microdermabrasions, Chemical Peels, and Waxing. Later that year, she traveled down to Hayward, California to learn the technique of Threading. Threading  is  a fairly new  procedure to Shasta County. It is a  procedure that  is  used  for  eyebrow   shaping,   as   well    as  removing hair from the cheeks, upper lip, and chin. The procedure is less invasive than waxing and great for sensitive skin types.

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In 2006, with a thirst for knowledge, Melissa started offering her services at a local day spa. She learned more holistic treatments at the spa such as facials.  Ultimately, Melissa has always wanted to work for herself, so in 2009 she started working as an independent Esthetician upstairs in Wavelengths Salon & Spa. Then in 2012, she decided that she wanted even more so she opened up Pure Bliss, which is a salon and spa. It has been the best move she has ever made, not only for herself but for her clients. This allows her to offer flexible hours, quality product at great prices, maintain the pristine quality of her services, and most important comfortable atmosphere.  
The first thing you will notice when receiving a service from Melissa is her attention to detail. From her beautifully decorated treatment room to the extra steps she takes ensuring the safety and happiness of all her clients. She now has a wonderful menu of services provide.  Threading, Waxing, Facials, Back Facials, Microdermabrasions, Chemical Peels, Spray Tanning, Eyebrow and Lash Tinting, are her specialties offered.
*  Esthetics Program at Chico
    Beauty College;
*  Training for Threading.
*  Facials,
*  Waxing,
*  Threading,
*  Microdermabrasions,
*  Chemical Peels,  
*  Eyebow Tinting,
*  Lash Tinting; &
*  Spray Tanning.  
Coming Soon:
*  Perminent Make-up,
*  Eye Lash Extentions.  
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   to see pricing.**
Contact Melissa:
Cell:  530-209-8936
(Call or Text)
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