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Preparing for Waxing Services

The length of hair should be grown out to at least 1/4 to 1/2 inch in order to receive a quick and easy waxing service.  Trim hair that is longer than 1 inch prior to waxing service for a less painful waxing experience. Please arrive showered and lint free.  Exfoliate area 1-2 days prior to waxing service in order to reduce dead skin cell buildup around the hairs, which allows for easier removal.  To prevent ingrown hairs, it is recommended to exfoliate regularly in the waxed area.  Ingrown hair solution is sold in salon.


Men must provide and wear their own shorts during leg waxing services. Bikini and Brazilian Services are not offered to men.


Note: During Bikini and Brazilian waxing services, your body positioning will be either on your back and/or your side. 


Please feel free to contact Melissa/ Esthetician with any questions to help you feel comfortable with your service. 

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